FAQ Friday!

Q: I was bad with my skin protection and got a #sunburn. How do I treat it?

A: First things first, hands off! Fight the temptation to scrub or pick at any peeling skin. After a cool shower, put on a non-fragranced moisturizing cream to soothe the skin – good choices are Cetaphil, Cerave or Aveeno. You can use an OTC hydrocortisone cream as well for a few days if the burn is itchy or painful to decrease inflammation. Make sure to drink a lot of water, and take Advil as soon as you notice the sunburn and continue for 48-72 hours. This will also help to decrease inflammation so you have less pain and swelling. If the sunburn is extensive, covering more than 20% of your body, and if you are experiencing any fever or chills, see your doctor. And next time, wear sunscreen!