Don’t be like Kim Kardashian…. Wear your sun screen this weekend! Remember to pick one that is SPF 30 or higher, broad spectrum and don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours!!!

It’s about time….

The FDA announced stricter regulations on tanning beds, placing a black box warning stating that they should NOT be used by anyone under the age of 18.

This is a nice step to decrease skin cancer as we know that tannings beds use GREATLY increases the risk of all skin cancers, especially the most deadly form of skin cancer melanoma.

The reason why this is so important is that over two million teenagers used tanning beds last year, with one government study estimating that three in ten white girls in high school used tanning beds in the last year.

Because of increased indoor and outdoor tanning in our youth, melanoma is now the most common form of cancer for young adults 25-29 years old and the second most common form of cancer for young people 15-29 years old.

Hopefully these regulations will cut tanning bed use and save lives.

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Hugh Jackman treated for skin cancer again.

Listen to the Wolverine! WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN!!!!!!!!

To raise awareness of melanoma the American Academy of Dermatology designated today as Melanoma Monday!

On average, one American dies from melanoma every hour. In 2014, it is estimated that 9,710 deaths will be attributed to melanoma.

Melanoma is the most common cancer for young adults 25 to 29 years old and the second most common form of cancer for adolescents and young adults 15-29 years old.

When caught early, skin cancer – including melanoma – is highly treatable. The five-year survival rate for people whose melanoma is detected and treated before it spreads to the lymph nodes is 98 percent.

Take a look at the below links to learn how to do a skin self exam and also find out how much you know, or don’t know about skin cancer.

Looking for a new book to read. Check out this really interesting new book by Dr. Martin Blaser, who is an NYU infectious disease specialist. In this book he highlights how the overuse of antibiotics by doctors and patients is damaging our health.

Dr. Blaser highlights scientific evidence connecting asthma, inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, celiac disease (among other medical conditions) to antibiotic use.

This certainly is an important and relevant topic for all of us, and this book will remind you of the importance to only use antibiotics when you or a family member really need to.

This is an important read for all women that use UV lamps to dry their nail polish or gel manicures at the nail salon.

Nail dryers primarily use UVA rays, the same UV rays used in indoor tanning beds. We know that tanning beds cause skin cancer; although it has been controversial as to whether UV nail lamps do, because the intensity of UVA rays are much lower in nail dryers than that of a tanning bed.

In JAMA Dermatology, one of the leading dermatology journals an article was just published looking at the intensity of UVA rays emitted by nail dryers. Researchers in Georgia studied the intensity of UVA rays emitted by 17 UV lamps at commercial salons. What they found was that there is a very wide range in the amount of UVA rays emitted by the devices, some were significantly stronger than others. Also, the intensity of the UVA exposure varied depending on the hand position in the nail dryers.

The researchers determined that the amount of UVA exposure from a single drying session is likely not enough to cause a problem; however, from repeated use there is theoretically a higher risk of skin cancer of the hands.

They estimated that for most of the nail dryers, 8 to 14 sessions over the course of two to four years would be enough UVA exposure to cause damage to your skin’s DNA.

So what does this mean for you and your friends… Next time you get a get manicure, consider wearing sunscreen on your hands or even UV protective gloves with the fingertips cut off. If you want to be extra cautious use a fan or air dry your nails.

Even if the nail dryers do not cause cancer, we know that UVA rays causes aging skin, so if you want to avoid wrinkly, freckled hands it makes sense to avoid nail dryers or protect your hands if you do decide to use them.


Definitely read this NY Times article for another reason to exercise!

Researchers out of Canada have previously determined that adults that regularly exercised had younger skin compared to those that did not, when skin biopsies were examined microscopically.

They then conducted an experiment on volunteers aged 65 or older. They took baseline skin biopsy samples from their buttocks and then had half do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise twice a week for three months and then re-biopsied their buttocks.

What they found was surprising. In the group that exercised their skin had changed to look much more like that of a 20-40 year old!

It’s still unclear as to why this happens, and these changes certainly don’t reverse wrinkling or photo-aging of the skin; but still it’s another great reason to go running with spring arriving!

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