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FAQ Friday! Is Botox® dangerous?

By March 11, 2016June 21st, 2020No Comments

FAQ Friday!

Is Botox® dangerous?

People may be scared of #Botox® because it is a neurotoxic protein, the same protein that in large doses causes botulism, a rare illness which is usually linked to food poisoning.

However, when Botox® is administered by a doctor, it is in a very diluted form and there has never been a serious case of toxin spreading away from the injection site. Since 2002, there have been about 11.8 million procedures done using Botox®, and it is FDA approved.

Since it is a powerful neurotoxin that relaxes muscles, Botox® is now being used in a variety of procedures, from treating chronic sweating and migraine headaches to chronic pain. If you’re interested in Botox®, talk to your doctor about your expected results and concerns.